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Publisher :   SAGAMIE
Author(s) : Marie-Hélène Leblanc / Ève Breton-Roy
Artist(s) : Marie-Hélène Leblanc / Ève Breton-Roy
English and French, 70 color pages, 2009

Marie-Hélène Leblanc


I have the desire to inhabit. In my sense, to inhabit means to be in relation to, to feel connected to a space in relation to other occupants. It is also to constantly question our position, and this reveals our way of being in the world. My interest in architectural structures obviously comes from this desire to inhabit and reflect on inhabiting. In this sense, Heidegger defines it well: "Building is, in its soul, to make inhabit. Realizing the soul of building is to edify places by assembling their spaces. It is only when we are able to inhabit that we may build." I have the feeling that to inhabit we must also know how to leave, living nomadically to feel at home after experiencing a somewhere else. Living in the transitory, in the state of permanent construction site, interrupted - or, rather, in waiting. Inhabiting is more to situate oneself without settling in. Changing territory. My work takes form in installations and books.


Marie-Hélène Leblanc lives and works in Gatineau. She is interested in architecture, temporary habitations, in proximity and distance. She holds a master's degree in art from the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi. She is currently artistic director of Daïmôn, a production artist-run centre in media art and photography. She has been curator of and/or artist in ten exhibitions in Quebec and France. Her most recent projects were presented at Toqué Rouge (Jouquière) in 2007, at Galerie Séquence (Chicoutimi) in 2005, at Oeuvre de l’Autre (Chicoutimi) in 2005, and at Galerie Adeas (Strasbourg, France) en 2004.


  Ève Breton Roy


My work takes the form through the book as object: the book object as living organism, as unit of comprehension. I use its mechanisms and functions: strata, superimposition, relationship between container and content. I try to redefine what surrounds us, to include the subject in definition through the book object, which is the ideal motive force as it reaches a large number of people thanks to mass production but maintains an intimate and personal relationship with each individual because of the need to handle it. By exploring its form, I attempt to define certain concepts, thus transforming the book into these concepts, which the viewer may appropriate by reading it.


Eve Breton Roy lives and works in Anse-Saint-Jean, where she is director of Terrain vague inc., which is both a publisher of artist's books and a workshop for handmade bindings. She holds a master's degree in art from the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi, in which she investigates the book as object and its formal characteristics as a materialization of thought. In October 2007, she presented Campagne de salissage, her first solo exhibition, at the Espace Virtuel artist-run centre in Chicoutimi. The languages of the book and of science are transformed into a code, a system comprehensible to everyone, sliding toward a subjective motion. She uses repetition to divert meaning, turn it in on itself, and produce series of series, small installations that approach the absurd. It is through this exploration that a repetition of the object takes shape, the works thus becoming book-like installations.


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